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Finding the right contractor for your next renovation or remodel can be a daunting task. On this page I point out the main reasons why you should hire Lonewolf Remodeling. I look forward to your business.


I pride myself on being an excellent communicator. Thanks to my years of service in both the security and law enforcement fields, I have honed my skills on interacting with clients and breaking down exactly how a project will proceed. I encourage questions and for my clients to have open dialogue with me. At Lonewolf Remodeling whether your have a plan or no plan at all we will help guide you through the process of making your dream become a reality.

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It seems like the chief complaint I get from clients when we first meet is that they attempted to reach out to other contractors as well but those contractors failed to reply in a timely manner, if at all. I understand that frustration. Who hasn't been on hold when attempting to contact a company? As such I always aim to respond to new clients in a timely manner and clients who I am currently working for know that I am only a call or text away. Being on hold is a thing of the past.


Generally most people will "live through" their home renovation or remodel. In other words they will be working and/or living in the home while work is being completed. This, at times, can make home life stressful. It is my mission on every project to keep the interruption to your home as minimal as possible. This is accomplished by cleaning up at the end of EVERY work day, completing a detailed clean after very dusty work (or after project completion), and keeping work areas tidy and organized at all times. Home projects can be stressful...let me help make the stress a little less.



Generally a general contractor will only coordinate a job and only visit the work site (if you're lucky) once a week. At Lonewolf, not only am I your general contractor but I am also your craftsman. On average I will be responsible for 75% of the work on your project with my subcontractors (such as plumbers, electricians, and painters) being responsible for the remaining 25%. Due to this organization of work I am able to oversee the project in its entirety and have a very personal and hands on relationship with the homeowner.


When you open your home to a contractor you are taking a gamble as to that individual's background and training. That is never a great feeling. Fortunately my background is laid out to bear and I'm an open book that is capable of providing proof of insurance, licensure, and training at a moment's notice. Having been in both security and law enforcement I have had more comprehensive backgrounds run on me than I can easily remember. The background checks that I have had have been conducted all the way up to the federal level. Lonewolf Remodeling is a fully licensed general contractor and carries liability insurance in excess of the state's requirements.

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Lonewolf Remodeling maintains in-house design abilities. We use the highly regarded architectural software, Chief Architect to produce photo realistic renderings of proposed projects. Our design packages give our clients a "real world" view into how their finished space will look. These packages also allow clients to make unlimited changes to the plans before the plan is finalized and the project begins. With Chief Architect we are able to input brand specific fixtures into renderings to allow clients to see their choices within the design. With Lonewolf Remodeling we will bring your project to life.

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